What is a parent participation nursery school?

A parent participation, or cooperative nursery school, is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, democratic organization where each family shares in operating the school. Parents participate in the program on a rotating basis, serving as assistants to a professional teacher and staff. The direct involvement of parents makes these nursery schools a unique educational experience for the whole family..

How do parent particiation nursery schools benefit the child, the parents, and the community?

The child gains the ability to relate to and communicate with other children, as well as adults. The child experiences a variety of play equipment, expressive materials, and media, resulting in a positive attitude towards learning. A caring, cooperative learning environment helps children gain self esteem.

The parents gain an opportunity to learn and develop with their child, as well as increase in awareness of the role of early childhood education thereby developing an effective and satisfying support system for the educational journey. 

The community benefits as children learn respect for differences, and families gain a sense of community responsibility. 

What is the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools?

The California Council, or CCPPNS, is a community of parents and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support. 

It is the largest group of parent participation nursery schools in the world. Our statewide organization consists of close to 10,000 member families. Since 1948, we have served parents who want to share in their child's first school experience. 

CCPPNS promotes desirable standards for programs and practices in parent participation nursery schools, and encourages continuing education for parents, teachers, staff, and directors. 

CCPPNS facilitates the exchange of information and ideas among member schools. We cooperate with adult education, family living, and early childhood organizations that are interested in effective service relationships with the parents of young children. 

The existence of CCPPNS as a statewide organization strengthens and extends parent participation in the education of young children. CCPPNS supports the right of all parents to have adequate, safe care for their children that meets the highest standards.

What services does CCPPNS offer to its member school?

CCPPNS strives to promote growth and interest in the parent participation movement. It has three primary objectives:

To provide resources designed to enhance the quality of the daily program. By way of regular meetings, CCPPNS provides a forum for the discussion of current issues and the sharing of information that is vital to the growth of our member schools. CCPPNS also provides resources for  fund-raising, publicity, board training, job description manuals and employee and membership handbooks. 

To provide financial assistance to our members. Grants and interest-free loans are available for program expansion as well as emergency assistance through difficult times. Group insurance policies also provide a wide range of coverages at affordable rates to member schools. 

To encourage growth in parent education. The annual Convention offers relevant and dynamic presentations and workshops on a variety of practical, informative, and challenging topics designed to enlighten and encourage parents, directors, and teachers who attend.

How much are the CCPPNS membership fees?

The annual membership fee is $80 for schools who are within the limits of a local Council. If schools are within a regional Council's geographical area, it is expected  they become members of that regional Council as well. Councils will also require membership dues from the school, however they are typically structured differently, and can range from $5-$20 per family enrolled/per year, depending on the council.  Member schools must send a representative from the school to attend regional Council meetings, and each Council has its own schedule (may meet 4-9 times a year, depending). Schools can also apply for Independent Membership to CCPPNS (due to long distance from regional Council meetings, or other factors).  IM membership fees are $90 paid to CCPPNS each year. IM schools only need attend 2 CCPPNS meetings per year, and they can be any meetings. Here is a breakdown of the meetings that occur on a regular basis:

Regional Council meetings occur 4-9 times annually, depending on the council

Northern Area or Southern Area Board meetings meet 9 times annually

CCPPNS Board meetings occur twice a year, once in October (usually in Selma, CA) and the Sunday after Convention

Which areas in California have regional councils?

In Northern California, the regional councils are:

East Bay                                                                                  


Sacramento Valley                                                                

San Francisco                                                                        

San Mateo                                                                        

Santa Clara Valley                                                          


In Southern California, the regional councils are:

Los Angeles                                                                    

Orange County                                                                    

San Fernando Valley                                                            

San Gabriel Valley                                                                

South Bay                                                                  


How can I find a school outside California?

To find other parent participation nursery schools in different parts of the country, visit Parent Cooperative Preschools International. They host a directory of schools, or contact them at:

Parent Cooperative Preschools International
C/O National Cooperative Business Center
1401 New York Ave. NW - Suite 1100
Washington, DC20005-2160