Administrative Resources
School boards and directors are always asking for insight on how other schools promote membership, diversity, negotiate leases, create handbooks and forms, fundraising, etc. 

Consultant Services
Some regional councils are able to provide access to lower cost professional services for parents enrolled in member schools.

All members acquire deep understanding of families' cultures and diversity, and respect for parents' abilities and time.

Employment Support
Regional Councils can share employment agreements, potential teacher incentives, like contract enhancements and teacher in-services, conference support, professional development, bonuses, etc. 

Insurance Group Coverage
CCPPNS provides a comprehensive group coverage plan that includes coverage for parents, children, and teachers. For more about insurance, click here.

CCPPNS supports leadership development and best practices at every level. Parents and teachers are valued for their contributions to the growth and development of the schools and councils.

Councils can provide social media support by way of websites, Facebook, branding, and participation in local events that attract young families. 

The support from other teachers and schools is essential ... knowing you are not alone. 

Non-Discriminatory Ad
Regional councils can provide guidance to individual schools to assist with new (2019) compliance standards for non-discrimination ads per IRS requirement for non-profits private schools.

Parent Education Resources
Member schools strive to provide relevant parent education and resources to families. Regional councils often post resources to secure experts in the filed and share speaking events.

Parent Partnership
Parent and teacher representatives participating in CCPPNS together contribute to improving the "big picture" of the co-op movement.


Resources and training for preschool board members, as well as directors and teachers, is an ongoing endeavor at all levels. Councils work on issues and solutions at a local level, and also have CCPPNS support when needed. Licensing and other legal information is shared, with the aim to inform and safeguard all member schools.

CPPNS promotes high educational standards by encouraging collaboration and continuing education for parents, teachers and directors.

Taxes, Non-Profit Support
CCPPNS offers guidance to schools and councils in upholding non-profit status and filing annual required taxes.



To apply for membership, please click here. For schools that are members of a council, annual dues are $80. For schools that are independent of a council, annual dues are $90.